Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas stories by Jillian Hart & Janet Tronstad

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I just love both of these authors in this book Mail Order Christmas Brides, Jillian Hart with "Her Christmas Family" is wonderful story of Felicity Sawyer going to be a bride of man she does not know, he has a little girl and she wants to be a mama.  Tate is a rough man more to hide his true feelings then anything and it takes awhile for Felicity to understand this type of man.  Jillian is good at showing us how both man and woman feel about their lives and what happens when they meet and must learn to compromise.

the second story was by Janet Tronstad and she always writes a good story about "Dry Creek" this one "Christmas Stars for Dry Creek" story about Eleanor McBride  who knows that if she marries Sergeant Adam Martin she will get to be Hannah's Mama.  Eleanor arrives and is met by a neigbor and taken to Adams cabin which is very crude, not much food or firewood, she has several days alone before Adam returns with his Mom and his daughter and she has some soul searching to do with this aloneness.  she is a stubborn woman and will survive as she waits alone, she even catches some fish from the creek to eat as foodstuffs gets lean.  When she meets the Sergent, he is so military like that she wonders if she will be able to love this man but meeting Hannah is all she expected and the little girl took to her right away, they became close.  The Sergent's Mom though was another thing, she did not take to Elanor and thought the young woman was wrong for her son.  It takes some time for these women to become friends and for a wedding to occur as a blizzard soon comes after all are together.  You will like reading these stories.

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