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In the Field of GraceIn the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar
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In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar

I enjoy reading Bibical fiction books and Tessa does a great job with research making us love the characters she creates from the ones found in the Bible.
Everyone knows the story in Hebrews about Ruth and Boaz....

These two in this book made me see them in a new way. After all..the people that walked the earth so many years ago were just like you and I, this story shows us they were human too.

Ruth had a difficult life with her family , one (Grandfather) made her life enjoyable -their bond was quite close and she was devastated when he died and left them.
soon after she married Mahlon and became close with her mother-in-law Naomi. He loved Ruth and taught her many things while they were together but times were hard in those days and their lives together were so different then what we know now.
Both he and his brother became ill with fever and when they died and the grief was so hard for Naomi and her daughters-in-laws,that she decided they should move back to Israel. Along the way she wanted the girls to return to their families and not go further but Ruth chose to stay . This is when we have her voice "Ruth insists upon staying with Naomi. "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you," Ruth tells Naomi. "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God."
After the journey they settled on lands of Naomi's husband and each day Ruth would go out and glean from the fields to help them live. Boaz had many fields and was a wealthy man in those days and when he saw Ruth working -he told his workers to leave some behind for her.
When Naomi saw that both Ruth and Boaz seemed to care for one another she wanted them to be together and she told Ruth to go lay at his feet and uncover them. once he saw that she had done this he knew she wanted him for a husband and he was pleased.
Reading the story of the love that these two shared is a wonderful story,Thanks Tessa for sharing your talant with us.

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