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it was amazing
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Series Ozark Mountain Romance,book #3 "For The Record"-by Regina Jennings

This is a wonderful story with characters you are going to learn to love as they ramble around in the town of Pine Gap in Missouri.
A new deputy has come to town and everyone has to take a gander and check him out, including the town reporter Miss Betsy Huckabee.
Betsy lives with her brother and his family after her parents died and she feels she has too many chores in the home -when she would rather be out and about gathering news to put in the paper that her brother owns and she does some part time work for him to make up for her room and board.
She has dreams of living in the city and needs to save monies for her dream, she makes up a fictional hero in the new deputy and turns in articles to newspaper far off in Kansas hoping no one in their little town will ever see them. She is elated when the newspaper likes them and ask for more.
The deputy has a secret that he hopes never gets out and when he finds Betsy writes for the newspaper he tells her nothing must be said about him. He moved from Texas and wants no one to know where he is now.

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