Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Joshua's Mission (Plain and Simple Miracles #2)Joshua's Mission by Vannetta Chapman
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Vannetta Chapman writes series Plain and Simple Miracles,Book #2 is Joshua's Mission

This is the story of two brothers...a Hurricane on the gulf coast -devastation and rebuild-amish volunteers.

Joshua is a little older then his brother Alton and the younger one is going trough what is call Rumspringa in their community. sowing his wild oats.

The Bishop learns of the rebuild and volunteers needed on the coast -he suggest that Joshua and his brother go help along with Becca and Sarah from the community.

Charlie and his dog Quitz from the gulf have lived through the hurricane and also help with the workers. Charlie has a friend that he met in the area and has sort of adopted them as his family and one of the homes rebuilt is to go to them, a grandmother raising her daughter's two children.

Becca had wanted to get to know Joshua better and this gives them perfect opportunity to do so. Many in the community have worried about Alton and they are hoping this will help him to grow up. which seems doubtful for quite some time.
I so enjoyed reading this story and seeing the changes from amish living help all involved.
Upon returning many changes have helped all involved and life as they had lived is now different. Joshua wants to court Becca and they are so happy,Alton has matured and Sarah too has become closer friends with all.

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