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The Outlaw Takes a BrideThe Outlaw Takes a Bride by Susan Page Davis
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Susan Page Davis writes "The Outlaw Takes a Bride"

I am never dissappointed when I read a book by this author, great story that just wraps itself around you like a warm blanket and you don't want to leave it.
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Sally Golding is a young widow that was so dissappointed in her first marriage and it leaves her cautious when entering into thoughts of marriage again..but..
women had little choices in making a living in the year 1885.

A pastor and his wife let her stay with them for room and board till she could get on her feet but the wife took advantage of Sally and did not make her feel welcome.  Soon after writing letters to a man in Beaumont Texas, He ask her to come and be his bride.  Her parents live in Texas also and it will be good to be closer to them and his letters makes Mark Paynter seem like a good christian man who has a small ranch and they could have a good life together.

Mark has a brother Johnny who heads to Texas also when he finds he might be considered a suspect in a murder at a ranch he works on.  Another guy that works there, tells him to leave and even offers to go along too, Johnny and a man he considers a friend soon arrive at Mark's place and find him dead.

Many little things change as the friend talks Johnny into staying and pretending to be his brother..this all begins to ravel when Sally arrives also expecting to become a bride to Mark.

You must read and learn how the beginnings of lies can mushroom out of proportion as you continue to lie and deceive as they did.

Sally and Johnny, as Mark, are soon in Beaumont living a lie that needs to be straightened out before they can find happiness.

Thanks Susan for writing a good story with memorable characters, I hope to see Johnny and Sally again.

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