Friday, September 14, 2012

Still Life in Shadows by Alice J Wisler

Still Life in ShadowsStill Life in Shadows by Alice J. Wisler

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River North is new publisher to me and Alice J Wisler a new author but I decided to look into this book after seeing it had to do with a young man leaving his amish roots,
"Still Life in Shadows" by Alice J Wisler

Fifteen years ago Gideon Miller ran away from the amish life that seemed so perfect, but it held a childhood secret that he could not leave behind and it haunts him even today...
Gideon lives in Twin Branches, N.C. a small town with some folks with big hearts.. He helps when someone calls needing help to leave their amish community and has become known as "Getaway Savior" a title that he is not all that happy with but he does like helping a young boy find himself and grow in the "English world".
KIKI is an autistic teen who enters the shop where Gideon works as a mechanic -a fact that Gideon is not happy with to begin with. He will learn many things through the eyes of this young girl. Her sister Mari works at nearby Tea room where Gideon drinks Green tea often and has noticed Mari as a young woman he could have an interest in. He has been alone too long and is thinking he needs to move forward with his life.
You will like reading this story of a young man moving from amish roots to small town living and how he copes from day to day never forgetting to help others. He must find it in his heart to forgive and move forward. Can two sisters bring a ray of sunshine into this dingy automobile shop and the men that work there? Can Gideon ever go home again?
Thanks Alice for some great characters and a great story.

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  1. Hi, Paula! I just now saw the comment you left on my blog so I thought I would return the favor and stop by to visit you. Your blog looks quite nice and I enjoyed your book review - I really enjoy reading Alice Wisler's books and have also reviewed her books in the past.

    I'm going to hop back over to Goodreads now - it's my turn on the word game so I need to check it out for updates - see you there!