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Series The New Beginnings book #1 "Living in Harmony" by Mary Ellis

Living in HarmonyLiving in Harmony by Mary Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mary Ellis has another series"The New Beginning"
I read book #1 Living in Harmony

This is the story of two young girls who lost their parents in a terible fire and move from their Memmonite community to another state to start over.
Amy the eldest is bethrothed and would have been married soon. Her intended has a brother living in Maine where a small grp of Mennonites are starting a new way of life. He ask Amy to move with him there and then they will marry soon after and begin their lives.
Life is quite different in Maine both in climate and the rules of the group there. Amy and John are asked to wait awhile before they marry to adjust. This seems simple at first but then John is impatient and Amy finds out some things about her intended that she was not aware of.
Many living in one household takes a toll on the couples as they move in with brother Thomas and his wife Sally along with there two little ones. Amy's sister Nora is young and prone to migraine headaches and shirks many duties that she should be helping with causing for some dissension.
Thomas is a minister and Sally is shy and insecure in her position as a ministers wife, we will watch her grow in this story as she learns to do things differently. Having the two other women in her household can be a blessing at times and a curse at others.
Harmony, Maine is quite different from where they had lived before but Amy is determined to make a go of her life here. She has had Tragedy and soon learns of a shunning of an aunt when finding a quilt at nearby store that leads her to try and find this aunt even though John is not happy with her decision.
Can their love survive so many changes and the long wait put upon them-Thomas & Sally are happy to have the family there at first but can that many people live together without problems arising-another brother comes and goes from the home as he is neither a committed Mennonite or an englisher, Nora becomes interested in him as she sees his carefree attitude about things and this suits the way she thinks many times. I loved reading and seeing lives change and new beginnings take off with this family. I was happy to see a reunion between Amy,Nora and their Aunt and secrets opened up that cleared the air in this family....
I look forward to book #2 and the story of Nora as she leaves Maine once again hoping to find Love and happiness....

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