Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vow Unbroken (Texas Romance #1)Vow Unbroken by Caryl McAdoo
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Series Texas Romance,Book #1 "Vow Unbroken" by Caryl McAdoo

Susannah Baylor has had to be strong since she lost her husband ...she has a large Cotton crop to sell so she will have monies for her family to live on another year, seeds to buy and lands needing planted again in the spring She is "Hopping mad" when a man tries to cheat her after promising a good deal then leaving her high and dry as how to get her full wagons to market.
But they must go...she sets out with her young nephew and daughter , stopping at a friends house on the way. The friend tries to talk her out of it ...she cannot go alone on this dangerous mission -then when sees she is going one way or the other. She is told go see Henry and hire him to go with her. Well if would not hurt to have a man alone so she does and lo and behold ,after some talking ,he decides to help her.
This trip along the Trace takes many turns ...some comfortable and some not so comfortable. Along the way Susannah and Henry get to know one another much better.
Henry had lost his Mom not long ago and Susannah can see that his mother taught him many things because he is a gentleman in every way.
This story is quite the adventure and you are going to love meeting this couple and the little girl that is quite mature for her age. I know I did.

This was a new author to me but I will definately look for more of her work as I read many books. I am hoping to meet these characters again as I look for more Texas Romance books by Caryl McAdoo.

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