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Honor Redeemed (Keys of Promise #2)Honor Redeemed by Christine  Johnson
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Series Keys of Promise,book #2 "Honor Redeemed"by Christine Johnson.

on (one's) honor
Under an obligation enforced by the personal integrity of the one obliged. Dictionary description...

A Book that has honor written through the pages and the characters hold themselves to this..

Prosperity Jones has been engaged to one David Latham who is now in the Army and they choose to wait for him to finish his alloted years there before marrying.

Letters back and forth between them has to suffice until they are together again.

David finds himself in a huge mess after one night spent with the boys at a bar celebrating. He knows he has not behaved properly . His whole world collapses when he is accused of being with another woman and she wants him to marry her.

Honorable -He must forget what he planned for his life with Prosperity and marry this woman he remembers nothing about. He writes a letter to Prosperity and does just that.
before the letter arrives Prosperity loses her Mother and knows not how to survive alone. She makes a decision to go to David and they will just have to marry sooner then later. Their love will see them through.
Much becomes known when she arrives and finds out her intended is now married, she feels betrayed and it is only with help from a couple that befriended her can she move forward. Prosperity cannot forgive the man she had always thought so honorable. How could this have happened?
You will want to read the story of David and Prosperity to see if forgiveness can be found. Learn how she works to survive in a new place without much money -without family, and with a broken heart.

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