Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Want Ad WeddingWant Ad Wedding by Cheryl St John
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LIH triolgy by three authors."Cowboy Creek", #1 by Cheryl St John with Want Ad Wedding.

I loved this little part of Kansas, Cowboy Creek was settled by three veterans after the war, two had been lifelong friends and the other met in the war Noah.
Noah along with Daniel and Will started and this story will tell how they grew over the years.
Now the men know they need women to make their community grow so they put a want ad to draw them.
Fate or divine intervention, who should be on the first "Bride Train", Leah who had grown up with Daniel and Will. I choose to think it was God's plan for these three to be together again.
I loved reading this story and know if you like LIH stories you will too. we will get to see the men find wives and the women coming that need a second chance come together as only God can plan.

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