Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wagon Train Reunion (Journey West #1)Wagon Train Reunion by Linda Ford
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Wagon Train Reunion book #1,series "Journey West" by Linda Ford

I have read this series willy-nilly, reading this first as last.  I kept thinking have I read this before, gee these characters are so familiar.

Well Before Abby and Ben had been close to getting married but then she left him for someone else and broke his heart, now in this book they meet again and he finds he has not forgotten as much as he thought he had.
True Love when it comes is hard to put out or away.  Linda does a great job of bringing this couple closer and helping them see why things had happened as they did.
Can they trust one another..again???? can they forgive?  wagon train trips take a long time so time is on their side.  come read about the journey and two folks that need one another.

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  1. I always get the order of these books confused as well but I love reading them anyway. I will have to watch for this one. Thanks for the review.

  2. I've enjoyed reading your reviews this morning and would be happy to provide you a copy of my novel, The Children Are Tender, in exchange for your honest review. You can let me know via a message under the contact information tab at LindaBorn.com. Thanks for your comment at my blog this morning! Blessings.