Monday, March 9, 2015

Gabriel's BrideGabriel's Bride by Amy Lillard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gabriel's Bride is a Clover Ridge Novel by Amy Lillard

I enjoyed this book and its characters so much that I finished it in couple days, staying up late at night reading.
Gabriel lost his wife of many years and has 6 children to raise, it is so hard being both mom and dad.  There are inside cores and outside chores .  Many of the chores around the house fell to his only daughter Mary Elizabeth.  one son had downs syndrome and needed special care also.    Mary nearing her running around years was so tired of working dawn to dusk and missing out on fun so she left a note and left the community.  Gabriel is devastated to find her gone in the early morning but knew there was no time for tears...much work needed done and the children needed breakfast.

When one of the ministers told him of a death in the community that he needed to attend with him, he was surprised but went because it was the right thing to do.
He met a young woman, who was the neice of the woman that died, on this trip and his life would never be the same.
Gabriel is a widower needing a wife and Rachel is about to lose her home and her goats if she must leave and go to Ohio where there is distant family.
I read of lonliness,fatigue,depression and on the flip side of that -love of the lands -the goats- the man that Rachel has just met and cannot seem to forget. the giant of a man with a gruff voice at the funeral.
you must read this wonderful story and then you will probably do as I have and search for the rest of the Clover Ridge stories.

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