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~A Feud in amish lands~

Adoring Addie (The Courtships of Lancaster County #2)Adoring Addie by Leslie Gould
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Adoring Addie is book #2 in series "The Courtship of Lancaster County"
by Leslie Gould

There was bitterness between the Cramers and Mosiers for as long as anyone remembered...Why???    No one would talk about this so it continued until...
Adalaide Cramer and Jonathan Mosier became friends and then wanted to become more then friends, they decided enough was enough and they would try to end the bitterness once and for all..Do you think two young people can undo what has been happening for many years in the community?
Addie's folks want her to marry Philip the son of the Bishop of their community and he too had decided they would be a good match for one another.  He seemed to always be around.
Addie has brothers older then she and some younger but she was the only daughter of her parents and much work was put on her as her mother spent a lifetime it seemed in depression.  Addie's aunt lived with them and was some help with the chores but the mother was always busy writing list and supervising it seemed.
I felt like Addie was always working and helping others and seemed to have little time for herself so when a young man (Jonathan) came into the community and started paying attention to her she was smitten from the start.  His caring heart touched hers from the beginning.  When the family found out he was a Mosier she was told to stay away from him and they seemed to double their efforts to have her marry Phillip.

Jonathan and Addie want to reconcile the two families, will their love be enough to keep them together or will long held secrets ruin their chance at happiness???

I received this book from Bethany House publishers to read and review, I give my honest thoughts here.

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