Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

I had the most wonderful vacation in May of this year.  I flew to Ky to visit my sister Bonnie and family and then she and I flew on to Tx to visit with two brothers and two sisters there.  We are a large family and it was so great to share some fun times with our siblings.  We met some family members that we had not seen in awhile and ate out at some great places.
We have a sister (the oldest-Rose) that has the privilege to live in a senior home only a few blocks from the gulf and has a beautiful view and can sit on a balcony and smell the gulf breezes.  What a view, lucky woman.
We are all getting older now and each had his or her own type of medical issues to worry with but we set them aside and had a great time of fellowship together for a few days in May.
I have a great neice in Ky that got us some "Buddy tickets" for the plane and we were lucky enough to get to fly first class to Tx, a first for me and it was a pleasure....
This was the first time I had been back to Galveston since "IKE" had visited there and it was great to see the city looking as good as it did.  We found that a talanted person had gone there and from tree stumps left after the storm, He made them into beautiful pieces of art.  scultures of dolphins-angels-mermaids-A great Dane-owl-guitar and many others.  Should you find yourself there on vacation look up these and view how beautiful they are.
Thanks to Brother Ken for taking us to many of the sites while we were there.

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