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The Christmas Admirer by Laura V. Hilton
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it was amazing

The Christmas Admirer by Laura V. Hilton

Benaiah Troyer and Susanna King have know each other since they were children and Susanna always thought they would get married.
they began to court seriously as they got older but when his parents died he knew he should take care of his family and give up his hope of marrying so he broke up with Susannah and broke her heart.
They both loved each other and as time went on it was hard to live in the community and see one another often....very often because Benaiah worked for her father and ate at their table many times.
Susannah's father had been a widower for many years and she handled the household for him, one day out of the blue -he let her know he was going to remarry and they would move out of state.
no notice- no seeing him court someone, now how was she to handle this? She had waited hoping Benaiah would eventually come to terms with things and marry her, but if she moved out of state there would be no chance. Benaiah kept sending mixed signals to Susannah and she just knew he still loved her but she did not know how to get him to accept that marriage would be a good thing between them and help his family too.
She wanted to stay but papa said no.
You will have to read and see how this story ends with happiness for all.


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